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Friday, 15 April 2011

Visit to a school on its Family Day

Sekolah Menengah Tun Fatimah’s Family Day was carried out on grand scale this year. My parents, my sister and I reached there at 10.00 a.m. As we approached the school, we could that it was gaily decorated for the event.
No one could miss the ticket counter with its large words and location near some tall tree. We bought RM50 worth of ticket. Music was playing loudly and some students were dancing gracefully on the big stage next to the ticket stand. While my sister watched on stage, I went of to the games stall. I tried my luck at a few games but did not win any prizes.
                It was not long before we decided to taste the different type of food sold. I noticed that the burger stand was very popular with the students. The roti canai stall next to it was also doing a roaring business. Every stall looked inviting but it was the satay stall that was very mouth-watering. After having a few delicious stick of satay, I tried a new drink which was a blended mixture of local fruits.
                The canteen area was full of other interesting stall as well. Chocolate chip cookies which was also a favourite were packed in attractive little boxes, each being sold for 3 ringgit. I visited the face-painting stall but was not brave enough to get my face painted. My sister did and I must say she looked out of this world.
                We ate until our stomachs gad absolutely no space for anything else. We left at about 12.00 noon after packing some fresh local fruits for grandmother and uncle who could not join us. I certainly look forward to the next Family Day!

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