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Friday, 15 April 2011

A ride by LRT to the Saga Mall

I reached the LRT station after a ten-minute walk from home. I bought a ticket from the ticket machine. Then I waited for the train to arrive.
                During the first part of the journey, I could see mostly residential houses, namely, Taman Intan, Taman Mewah and Taman Damai. After the residential areas, the train stop at the station near at the commercial center. The passenger who got down probably worked at the two new multi-storey buildings. They are Banggunan Besta and Good Tower.
                For the next part of the journey, the train travelled parallel to the highway. I could see heavy traffic on certain part of the roads, especially where there are junctions and traffic lights. It was not long before the train before the train stopped at the next station. At this stop, a lot of students boarded the train as the station is near a private college named Supreme College.
                After this station, the train continued on its journey, passing by a market and some residential houses before it stopped at the station in Sega Mall where I got down.
                The whole journey took only fifteen minutes. It was truly a fast and easy way to travel. 

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