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Friday, 15 April 2011

An educational tour to a hospital

Recently, our school organized and educational tour to the Gagah Hospital. A medical officer greeted us on our arrival at the hospital. We were ushered into a conference room near the Administration’s Department. After giving a brief history of the hospital, he took us on a tour of the building.
                We went back to the entrance of the hospital as the starting point. There, we noticed a reception counter next to casher counter. On the right oh the entrance was the A & E (Accident & Emergency) ward. As we turned left, we saw a pharmacy serving the outpatient and next to the pharmacy is a florist shop. There is also a shop selling magazine, knick-knacks and other items for the visitors and patient of the hospital. A canteen is located next to the shop. As we turned right, we saw a Finance and Administration Department (F&A) on the left. That’s where we went in for briefing. The Radiology and X-ray Department was situated next to the F&A. The clinics for ENT (Eye, Nose & Throat), Maternity, Orthopaedic and Children were located directly opposite them.
                As we turned right again, there were lifts leading us to the rest of the department. The Operating Theatre and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were located on the first floor. The ENT patients were housed on the second floor. The third floor consisted of the Maternity Ward. The fourth floor was for orthopaedic patients and children. All the wards were separated for male and female patients.
                We found the tour of the hospital very interesting. It helped us to have a better understanding of the set of a hospital. 

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