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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Importance of Libraries

A good library is a mine of information. In it, we can find books on almost any topic we can think of. In the past, there were fewer libraries. Today, there are libraries in every school and most town have at least one public library.
Nowadays, man’s knowledge is extensive. We can gain access to this knowledge through libraries. Students in schools and universities can hardly pursue their studies without libraries. They need to refer to many books and therefore they require the use of the reference sections in libraries.
However, we cannot deny that books are expensive. Very few people are able to purchase all the books that they would like to read. Besides, certains books are so rare that they are found only in libraries. Some books are only used to advance knowledge in a particular field. Although these books are informative, they may be too expensive fof most to us.
We can find mobile libraries in many parts of the world. These libraries are aspecially important to spread knowledge to remote regions of a country. In many ways, libraries have contributed to the advancement of mankind.

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