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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Wrong Direction

The Prince of Wei decided to invade Hantan, the capital of the state of Chao. Although Chi-liang was on a journey when he heard this, he turned back at once and, without waiting to smooth his crumpled garments or brush the dust from his head, went to see the king.

" On my way back," he said, I came across a man at Taihang Mountain, who was riding northwards. He told me he was going to the state of Chu.

" In that case, why are you heading north" ? I asked him.

" That's all right," he replied. I have good horses.

Your horses may be good, but you're taking the wrong direction.

Well, I have plenty of money.

You may have plenty of money, but this is the wrong direction.

Well, I have an excellent charioteer.

" The better your horses," I told him, " the more money you have and the more skilled your charioteer, the further you will get from the state of Chu."

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