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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dead Sea

According to the tradition of Islam, the Dead Sea was near the land in which the Prophet Lut lived. The people in this area were considered wicked for their acts of homosexuality, robbery and murder, and by the command of Allah, Prophet Lut preached to his people to repent and turn to Allah. They arrogantly refused to leave their wicked ways and they continuously rejected the preachings of Prophet Lut, except for a very few. Every message that was brought to them, they flipped it to satisfy their own wicked selves. The People of Lut received many warnings to repent or be punish but they did not take any seriously. Finally Allah sent three angels as handsome young men to be guests of Prophet Lut, when the people heard of this they rushed to Lut's home. The people demanded that these young men be given to them as they wanted to perform these wicked acts with them. One of the angels, angel Jibrail, gave Prophet Lut the warning to leave the town with his band of believers and do not look back. The entire town and its people were lifted up by angel Jibrail and flipped upside down and sent smashing down to earth, causing the ground near the impact to cave in. Thus, the lowest land on Earth was formed because of this punishment.

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