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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

bef0re exam-tips

1.Leave all you fear and free your mind. Confidence powers you to gain victory.

2.Prepare a time-table. Allot more time to tough subjects and less time to easier subjects. Sufficient time between subjects should be allotted.

3.Study in the early morning. Choose a place where you can feel relaxed and can concentrate, be free from surroundings disturbances. Study facing east or north east to get more positive energy.

4.Do not study on bed or lying on a chair. Sit while studying with your spinal chord straight.

5.Take small notes on formula, figures and other important points in brief. It will be very useful. You can use these notes for brief revision of your books in less time than skipping throughout your book-pages.

6.Sleep well. Especially on the night before the exam, you have to sleep well for a minimum of 6 hours. This will have a great effect on your exams.

7.Eat as you eat daily. Avoid potato and tapioca with chilly, fried items which contain fatty-acids. Instead have more milk, curd, honey, chocolates with cocoa. Do not do fasting.

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